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  2. I believe this is a Japanese model kit (date ?) which takes its concept from Gerry Anderson "Supermarionation" e.g. Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray.
    This is definitely a take of the SPV from Capt. Scarlet.
    Artist unknown.



    Sorry for no new updates lately. I put myself in Stasis while traveling through the system of Ultima Thule. Inhospitable sector of space.

    It has been a long 3 plus months but after I clear MedCenter check up procedures I’ll be running at 100%.

  4. I can not stress how badly that you should all go see Gravity. I’m not really into Hollywood blockbusters but this one was spot on. I had some minor issues but over all it was a nail biter.

    (the top image is much bigger if you right click and “view image”)


  5. The Universe Is Expanding

    As you can see, this blog contains mostly Sci-Fi images and such. As I probe deeper into dark space the number of new worlds i’ve encountered has brought to light many new treasures.

    I hope to broaden the scope of this blog with discoveries not seen by any human eye. Of course what was once past will always manifest here.

    And, if I get my shit together I would like to post my art. (someday).


    p.s. looks like I will be reaching 10,000 views very soon. Want to post something special for you. Stay tuned.

  6. Mattel SPACE: 1999 Eagle 1. These photos were taken at the NYCC 2012

    Photo by UsedUniverse ® ©
    (when viewing remember that if you right click and open in new TAB to view bigger)

  7. The Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka-Spel, Silverman (not pictured) and Erik Drost.
    @ The Sinclair, Cambridge MA - Sept 25th 2013

    Photo by UsedUniverse ® ©

  8. The Great Moebius.

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  9. Ryan Heshka, Factory Microscope Laboratory (date unknown, circa.2000-13).

    (Source: ryanheshka.com)

  10. Terminator: All My Futures Past #1. Art by Diego, 1990. Detail of comic cover.

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  11. Keloid, 2013.

    A short film that’s way to short. This needs to be a feature length film, to many brilliant things happening in this but sadly only 3min.

  12. Robert McCall, The Cygnus. The Black Hole - 1979. (painting, 1976)

  13. Darrell K. Sweet - Front Cover for LunaCon 1987

    (Source: fanac.org)

  14. The Day of the Triffids 1962 - Joseph Smith.

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  15. Get out your crayolas.

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